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Our Comprehensive Service help to Lower the Burden of the Customer

With our expertise, we support your whole import and export business including the preparation of shipping documents, customs clearance, transportation, packaging and loading arrangement.


In order to accommodate all our clients’ requests, we utilize our expertise in exporting cargo based on our experience in marine transport, air transport, packaging, storage and container loading, varying from large plant cargo to high-mix low-volume components. We also offer a coherent exporting service by making use of our internally developed information technology systems for receiving/ordering, loading/unloading management, pallet wrapping, document preparation, accounting procedures, etc.


We arrange customs clearance for the imported cargo including grocery, textile products, electrical appliances, food, chemical products and leather products. We also transport and even install large precision machinery. We support a wide network that covers from Hokkaido to Kyushu and Okinawa. All of our staff aim to raise the bar by belief in our motto: “A service that can only be done by us”.

Customs Clearance

As international logistics needs to be greatly stimulated for economic globalization, we have been earning client’s trust and enjoying a good reputation as a result of performances, of customs clearance. Our number of experienced customs specialists smoothly handle EPA, customs valuation and other legal restrictions.

Transportation and Installation of Machinery

We provide transportation and installation service for various types of machinery ranging from large press machinery to precision instruments, machine tools, machineries for fabric industries and others.


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